way·ward               ˈwāwərd/         
difficult to control or predict because of unusual behavior.

Learn About our Local Sources

Roots & Branches
Artisan Crackers

Taken from their website:

Clark and Ana Mitchell never planned on becoming the “Cracker People of Asheville" when they moved to the mountains of North Carolina, in March of 2010. After selling their New Jersey restaurant, The Twisted Tree Café in Asbury Park, they moved to Asheville intending to open another café.  Needing a little downtime between restaurants, they decided to bring their baked goods to local farm markets, thinking it would be a great way to introduce their products and themselves to the community. Within a month of moving to town, their home kitchen was certified. They began to bake and were soon actively selling baked goods and breads at local tailgate markets. Always thinking of new and fun goods for markets, they experimented one morning and made a batch of crackers. Later that day, they brought them to the market and they immediately sold out! The very first test batch sealed their fate. Restaurant idea out, crackers, in.
Red Clay Gourmet
Winston Salem, NC
“Feel Good Food” is their motto!  Red Clay Gourmet was created by Lance & Michele Sawyer, the owners/operators of First Street Draught House in Winston Salem.  Their pimento cheese was brought to life in small, handcrafted batches that utilize local ingredients such as jalapenos, banana peppers, and goat cheese from local farmers.  Their pimento cheese reflects the hard work and close attention that they put into the recipes.  Be sure to try out their sandwiches at First Street Draught House: the original location that you could first find the Classic Sharp Cheddar, their flagship flavor.

Pimento Cheese
Classic Sharp Cheddar | Hickory Smoked Cheddar | Flame Roasted Jalapeno | Goat Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomato

You can purchase all flavors at Wayward Brews in 10oz containers!  You won’t be disappointed with these local blends of cheesy goodness!
Chad's Carolina Corn
Greensboro, NC
Chad's Carolina Corn is a family business based in Greenboro, NC with one singular purpose:  make the best popcorn in the world!
After working in the technology sector for many years Chad decided it was time for a change.  He wanted to start a business that would allow him to spend more time with his family, and have them be a part of what he is doing.  The answer slowly came into focus:  start a gourmet popcorn company. 
Having been a long time popcorn addict, it made sense to do what you love.  So Chad began a transformation into the Popcorn Czar.  Committed to making great popcorn, and not forgetting to have fun along the way.
Black Mountain Chocolate
Winston Salem, NC
Unlike a lot of chocolate brands, Black Mountain Chocolate doesn’t melt and mold industrial chocolate, they craft their treats all the way from the cocoa bean, inspired by artisan traditions.  Located in downtown Winston Salem, Black Mountain Chocolate is the original North Carolina bean-to-bar chocolate that is made in small batches in order to give you the maximum flavor from each and every bean.

Chocolate Bars
Wayward Brews offers Black Mountain Chocolate Bars for retail sale.  We love to pair their delicious chocolates with featured wines, so be sure to check in with us to see when our next pairing will be!

Dominican Bar | Sea Salt | Cocoa Nib | Espresso | Mountain Milk
Bertie County Peanuts
Windsor, NC
Bertie County Peanuts has been in the nut business since 1915.  They are located among beautiful waterways on the North Carolina coast, making the soil absolutely perfect for growing peanuts.

They offer a variety of recipes and nut options, so we'll be sure to rotate our supplies so we can introduce our customers to some wonderful peanuts grown, harvested, and sold right here in North Carolina.
Boar's Head
Premium Meats & Cheeses

I know, Boar's Head did not originate in North Carolina, but so much of their meat comes from farms within a 3 hour radius of Winston Salem!  So many of their ingredients they use in everything from their meats, to cheeses, and even their hummus, come from small town farms.  Who doesn't like to support the small folks?!  Our supplier is a family owned business in Winston Salem, so if we don't have something you're looking for, be sure to ask!  We will personally drive over to their warehouse and pick it up for you!

While we are not a restaurant that can cook, prepare, and serve foods... we still have a variety of different prepackaged noms you can choose from!  Piece together the perfect antipasto platter to snack on while you sit back and relax with your friends.